Lab Tested High THC RSO Oil - Phoenix Tears
Lab Tested High THC RSO Oil - Phoenix Tears

Lab Tested High THC RSO Oil - Phoenix Tears

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Lab Tested High THC RSO Oil - Phoenix Tears (Sold by the Gram/ML)

Using RSO

Oiler’s notes on taking RSO:

Hello friends, here are few words about using whole plant activated cannabis extract, aka RSO.

In terms of medicinal effect there is a large difference between consuming cannabis through the lungs and ingesting it through the digestive tract.  There are many reasons that vaporizing/smoking/sublingual might be the best choice for some ailments and circumstances but it seems to me that the most common ailments that people are using cannabis to treat are best helped by oral ingestion. 

There are several pathways that cannabinoids and nutrients are absorbed along the digestive tract.  It is all quite complicated when examined in detail but when the cannabinoids are absorbed via the liver....  well a nice bit of magic happens.  The cannabinoids are processed by the liver and begin to break down into a range of cannabinoid decomposition products.  There are many products from this reaction so what started as delta-nine THC may enter the blood stream as different delta configurations, CBN, possibly CBD and many others.  It is the continuation of reactions that have already begun during my long, slow, careful, loving processing and activation techniques I use to make the oil.  The medicine changes according to how it is processed, by me and by the consumer's liver.  So my message is, put the medicine in the tummy and let the organs do their magic so the medicine can be delivered in the form most helpful to the body. 

That is simple enough but...  one problem.  Cannabis oils are not easily absorbed and alot of oil can pass through and be wasted.  To solve this problem I recommend using a carrier oil.  There is a family of oils that can surround the difficult cannabinoids and carry them across the membranes so they can be absorbed efficiently.  Medium chain triglycerides are what we are looking for (MCT's).  Good MCT (ish) carrier oils include:  MCT oil which can be purchased in pure form, very healthy, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, fish oils including cod liver oil, animal fat such as taro and butter oil.  This is a list of my favorite carrier oils to use, the world being the crazy place it is, they all just happen to be good medicine/nutrition just by themselves more or less. 

So if you are using pure cannabis extract I recommend taking your extract and mixing it with carrier oil.  Just melt the carrier oil, not too hot, 200 F or less, remove from heat and add the extract and mix it up really well.  Please keep it out of the microwave.  For example mix 1 g extract with 9 g coconut oil, now there is ten grams.  If you want to take 100 mg (a pretty solid dose) you need 1 g of your mixed oil.  That's about 1 ml or just under 1/4 teaspoon.  You can also divide your ten grams of mixed oil into ten equal parts and you will have reasonably accurate doses if you are careful.  You can put that mixed oil on a cracker or anything just get it in you any way you like.  If you lack time for preparing carrier oil you can still use the pure oil directly but I find carrier oils to be convenient and they increase the effective potency. 

Having some empty gelatin capsules around is very convenient with or without carrier oils.  The give you convenience and flexability.  It’s also a good idea to take cod liver oil supplements (or any omega rich oil like hemp or flax seed is good) at the same time you take the cannabis especially if you are using unmixed cannabis oil.  This will help absorption and we all should be supplementing with CLO anyway right?  When using the pure oil if you don’t have a mg scale it is helpful to know that a 50 mg dose looks about like a small grain of rice.  It’s hard to be accurate this way but it’s a start.

A few tips when using the oil.  If you are just starting out start small... really small.  Make your first dose as small as possible, like half a grain of rice or less, and if you don't feel anything take a tiny bit more.  It may take an hour or two to feel the effects.  Just take baby steps all the way.  This way will be enjoyable.  Taking too much too soon may turn you off to the experience and I don't like to see that.  If you are beginning an "RSO protocol" you will be baby stepping up to 1 g or more each day.  It is a journey to get there but go slow and the experience will be positive.  Your body will adjust quickly to increasing levels of cannabis.  Remember that it is not possible to overdose with cannabis and there is no toxicity associated with it.  The worst thing that is possible is that a person can feel "too high" for their comfort.  There has never been a death in all of recorded history from a cannabis overdose.   It is however very important to be careful about over medicating so please start out as slowly as possible and let the body naturally adjust to the increased levels of cannabinoids.

Try taking a dose before sleep.  It's a good way to raise your levels and it promotes good quality deep sleep (not like a sleeping pill but real sleep).  You can take smaller doses during the day and finish with a larger dose before bedtime.  Just be warned you might be sleeping in tomorrow so be careful not to miss work but I think you will find you wake up feeling great.

It is common that patients using RSO are underweight and undernurished if they have gone through chemotherapy.  Of course adding the oil to food is common practice.  I know it’s delicious with chocolate and other confections but if you are dealing with health challenges please understand that sugar is not going to help.  If you are cooking with cannabis there are countless options.  I had a patient that was underweight with failing mobility and for him I made split pea soup infused with oil and gave him frozen single servings he could easily warm up and enjoy and it worked great.  Tomato sauce can be a good vehicle for the oil also.  When cooking look for a recipe that has some oil in it and avoid cooking the cannabis oil too long or too hot.  Cannabinoids start evaporating out around 300F and I have already activated the oil so treat it gently.  You only need enough heat to liquify the waxy oil so it mixes well.  For split pea soup or tomato sauce I will add the oil when I am finished cooking, while the dish is cooling down.

For patients who are infirmed or having difficulty keeping food down, cannabis oil can be emulsified in warm coconut milk, maybe with a spoonful of honey.  Sometimes this mixture is called mother’s milk.

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